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Peter Forsythe - Retired Diplomat, Discovery Bay

Vince has been over to my home several times to sort out problems with my iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone and has upgraded my iMac with a Solid-State Drive and updated my operating systems and set up reliable backups and now I’m happy with my setup. He seems very confident and knows what he is doing. Vince is always reliable, on-time to the job, and he always goes the extra mile to make sure that I’m happy with the job done. I am more than happy to recommend his services unreservedly.


Vinnie Lam - South Bay

Last year my family moved to a new apartment in Middle Bay where we contracted a 1GB fibre-optic internet connection. Vince set us up with wired Ethernet connections in every room and complete wireless network everywhere in the apartment. He also helped us buying a new iMac and transferred all our data from the old one and set up multiple backups. He comes over on a regular basis to make sure everything is running smoothly and perform updates and check all the hard drives.


Fiona Lee, The Walt Disney Company (Asia Pacific ) Limited

Mr Vince Loden joined us as our Macintosh Consultant since April 2005.

During this period, Vince has been helpful in resolving many difficult Macintosh compatibility issues with printer drivers, software versions and the like.

Vince was also our main consultant for the Macintosh Tiger Standard Operating Environment (SOE) project and his role was to research, create, configure and test the SOE which was deployed on all our Macintoshes in the region. Vince subsequently recommended useful upgrades and configuration to minimize support tasks.


Brian Hobson, Regional Director, Bank Austria Creditanstalt Group, Asia

Vince Loden was first engaged as an EDP Consultant within Creditanstalt-Bankverein Private Banking in 1996 to review and advise upon the upgrading of that department’s communications including the use of the internet, encryption technologies and electronic mail system.

This mandate was successfully executed and Mr Loden was invited to join the full time employed staff of the company in November 1997 as IT Manager. In his daily work in this role, Mr Loden showed himself to be very knowledgeable, well informed and up to date. He also showed himself to be most capable in the installation and maintenance of a wide variety of software and could be relied upon to solve user problems effectively and efficiently.

During the time that Mr Loden worked within the bank, I always found him to be helpful and competent and well liked amongst his co-workers. He was professional and kept himself well informed as to developments in the fast moving world of IT.

I am happy to commend his skills to a future prospective employer.


Chris Hancock, B747 Simulator Instructor, Mui Wo

Vince has been over to my apartment and been a great help in improving my network with an Apple Airport Extreme and revived my rather old MacBook Pro by putting a Solid State Drive in it, upgrading the RAM and operating system and has set up a reliable backup. I regularly get him to check everything and do my upgrades as needed.