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Business Services

Personalised training

For all levels of expertise. Familiarisation with the Macintosh environment in for those with previous Windows PC experience or no computer experience at all. Help in setting up an office environment with reliable backups..

Software installation

Help setting up new computers and upgrading from older Macintosh operating systems.


Help setting up reliable wired or wireless networks and troubleshooting network issues with routers and broadband connections.

OS X Server

Set up and maintenance of an OS X Server

Data recovery

In certain situations it is possible to recover deleted data or corrupted drives.


Fixing issues arising from software corruption or malfunctioning hardware.

Handheld integration

Synchronisation with Palm, Blackberry, iPhones and iPads.

Switching from Windows PC to Macintosh

Transfer of all data, including documents, mail, addresses, calendars, photos, music (iTunes) and movies. Setting up of iPads and iPhones to work with new computers.

Security and Encryption

Providing security solutions for sensitive data such as client details and personal data — encryption for your email and messaging services, secure data storage and cloud services