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Money-saving technique for international calling

I saw this today on Macintouch. If it works, which I presume it does, it’s very clever:

MacInTouch Reader

I often use “local” SIM cards when traveling overseas. To continue to receive incoming calls, here is what I’ve done:
For a minimal fee (much less than international roaming) get a “Skype In” phone number. Also charge up some “Skype out” minutes.
Before getting on the plane, forward your cell phone to your Skype In number. (You don’t have to give people the number.) when you get to your destination, have Skype forward calls to your local cell phone when you’re not logged in. People calling your mobile in the US get through to you on your international mobile and you pay minimal rates. The same thing can be set up with google voice and some other VOIP solutions.

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